Forgiveness is for YOU!

taught by Tammy Bennett
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What is forgiveness?

In Webster's dictionary, forgiveness is defined this way: “To give up resentment against; stop being angry with; pardon; give up all claim to punish; overlook; cancel a debt.” This means forgiveness is releasing the feeling that the other person owes us something. What happens when that debt is never paid or forgiven? Do we just carry it with us for the rest of our lives? Many times, we do! Who is it truly hurting? Us or them? When we release that feeling we are freeing ourselves and the baggage that we carry.

Forgiveness is an opportunity to start over and refocus your attention on what you desire.

You may believe that forgiveness is challenging, but when you understand who it is truly for—you—then it becomes easier. When you practice forgiveness, you will feel empowered. Forgiveness is freedom.

I want to share this information because Forgiveness was a HUGE part of my Spiritual Awakening. I know first hand how HEALING it is to truly let go of pain and resentment and MOVE ON with my life and be happy. I want others to know how BIG this is and how much it can improve their lives! I'm so glad you are taking this course and I hope it helps!

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Tammy Bennett
Tammy Bennett
Life Coach, Tarot Reader

I'm Tammy, Spiritual Coach and Tarot Reader, and I teach people all over the World how to love themselves, and feel better.   Check out my free courses to get started!

I have been reading Tarot Cards since 1998, I'm a Certified Master Life Coach and Certified Reiki Practitioner, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Practitioner, and currently studying Hypnotherapy.  

I know how it feels to hate yourself and your life.  I"m here to teach you how to change that and learn to love and appreciate yourself and enjoy your life.