Choose Happiness NOW

Feel Happy Even During Hard Times | taught by Tammy Bennett
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Tammy Bennett
Tammy Bennett
Life Coach, Tarot Reader

About the instructor

I'm Tammy, Spiritual Coach and Tarot Reader, and I teach people all over the World how to love themselves, and feel better.   Check out my free courses to get started!

I have been reading Tarot Cards since 1998, I'm a Certified Master Life Coach and Certified Reiki Practitioner, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Practitioner, and currently studying Hypnotherapy.  

I know how it feels to hate yourself and your life.  I"m here to teach you how to change that and learn to love and appreciate yourself and enjoy your life.  

This course is a collection of many things I learned about finding happiness during Life Coach training. I must share this as a FREE course, because this information changed my life for the better!  You are going to learn: 

-how to choose Happiness

-how to control your thoughts and emotions

-how to feel happy NOW, instead of having to wait for a later time

-different ways to deal with stress in a healthy manner

-different ways you may be self sabotaging your happiness

-ways to be more authentically YOU,

and so much more!

Course Contents

26 Videos
1 Text
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