How to Read Tarot Without Being Psychic

The Animal Totem Tarot | taught by Tammy Bennett
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Tammy Bennett
Tammy Bennett
Life Coach, Tarot Reader

About the Instructor

I'm Tammy, Spiritual Coach and Tarot Reader, and I teach people all over the World how to love themselves, and feel better.   Check out my free courses to get started!

I have been reading Tarot Cards since 1998, I'm a Certified Master Life Coach and Certified Reiki Practitioner, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Practitioner, and currently studying Hypnotherapy.  

I know how it feels to hate yourself and your life.  I"m here to teach you how to change that and learn to love and appreciate yourself and enjoy your life.  

Have you ever wondered how Tarot card readers do it?  It's not as difficult as you would think, and the best part is that you DO NOT need to be psychic to do Tarot readings!  In this course I give you a unique perspective on Tarot using the Animal Totem Tarot deck.  I show you what the cards mean, how to read them, and how to do Tarot readings, all without being psychic.  

Course Contents

19 Videos
4 Texts